February 28, 2009

Love Teddy bear making! Trio bears :)

 In this Feburary, there were two days the temperature was like June in anual. Unbelievable phenomenon... Oh yeah, it's an abnormal weather... I want to change the interior, 'cos spring seems to be coming closer to us than usual..  I also love needleworks just not only paper crafts. I introduce you my original teddy bears. These bears were finished about 3 years ago.
The bear right has been living with one of my friends in Germany.
*My original teddy bear making was started after I mastered the basics by making the kits of German teddy bear artist Ele's Bläubaerchen for about 4-5 months. I wish to make bears again, but I cannot make enough time to create them.
Thanks for peeking! :)


  1. Tomo, they are wonderful!!! I used to be a teddy bear collector,(I have so many, some of them have to be in storage, and they get brought out for various seasons) and have made some, too! Nothing like these, though - yours have the most wonderful faces! You are very talented!!!

  2. Oh, Lin! Thanks for your visiting! and finding these my original teddy bears!
    > yours have the most wonderful faces!
    Thanks so much! I used to be one of the collectors, too. I had came to be unsatisfied with the normal face bears a little. So I came to make bears have abnormal faces. LOL.
    But I still love the traditionals, both the American and European types. :)


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