March 15, 2011

About the huge earthquakes occurred in turn at the east parts of Japan island

Hi, everyone,
Hope you've been having wonderful days!

  My family members, relatives and I are in safe by the huge earthquakes occurred in turn at the east parts of Japan island since March 11.
We, family and relatives live our capital city Tokyo and southward. But I have a few friends in the tricken areas, and I've been looking for and praying for them since then.

  Thank you very much for so many delegations (experts) or goods for relief over the world. As one of the Japanese, I want to express my appreciation to each
governments and each peoples. And I happened to know that some of the words include Japanese language in foreign newspapers to cheer us up.
(And I also found the articles about apprehension of delaying the economic recovery of Japan. But it deserved, I think. Because, I thought about it first, while watching scary live films on TV and worrying about the sufferers or victims at the same time.)

  And ... The big apprehension of nuclear power plants. The experts has been working at the risk of their own lives. But since the first earthquake hit, it has occurred intermittently. And this condition is the first experience for all the people...sigh...
Please pray for them, the sufferers and families of the victims.
And I pray for foreign peoples and dogs belong to the delegations for relief.

 I wanted to post this post sooner. I'm afraid I couldn't, because I've been sick since middle of this January by the mental and physical stresses.

  Talking about my father, he took in the hospital from last November to the end of this February - another disease was found in his brain last September.
And from March 1, he began to live at an private residential home. He sometimes hallucinate by drug adverse reaction. If he quit the medicines, he come to be a bedridden old man by the fulminant charley horse and paralyses all over his body.
He isn't a dementia patient at the moment. So he always has been having a hard time (He can walk himself, but needs assistance).

And one more ...
Thank you so much my friends for your gifts or cards after last November. I worked till the beginning of this January. And many days were out (for my biz, or going to my dad's hospital), so, I ordered our postal office that all the parcels and envelopes to me to keep there. I received all about a week ago. But I couldn't open all yet. There're 250 or more. Thank you!!
I'm not perfect recovery yet, and the sleepiness by the medicines forces me to go to bed every after taking the medicine.
I'm going to send e-mails to parcels or cards senders gradually. Please give me some time.
I have to open my father's before (those are over 310). 'cos, the time he has is shorter than mine, without a doubt, I think.

I always appreciate all of you!
Have a wonderful week!