January 7, 2012

Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます

Hi, friends,

 Happy New Year! I wish this year will be the happiest and the best for you and your family!!
 I took photo of the tree named Manryou (Ardisia Crenata - maybe the same as 'coral bush') in our garden, one of the symbol trees for celebrating the new year in Japan. And made this digital image as my greetings to you.

* I used a few images of my 2010's. ;) "Similar!", didn't you think so? 'Cause my favorite fonts haven't changed since I began to use computers. When I make digital images for personal purpose, I almost use a few from approx. 20 of my favorites, or draw the line of the letters to use Illustrator.

*The rock at the center of the picture is the one that surrounds a pond - we, family have the Japanese style garden. It consists of several elements, those are rock, pond, bridge, artificial miniature hill, trees and so on.
You must wonder why. This kind of sights is familiar in Japan.

 This Manryou, bears white fruits is rare species. Normally it bears red ones. So I picked this photo for my digi this time.

 There's a explanation about Manryou (Ardisia Crenata) on this page of Wikipedia. Since I took pic of both, I posted here.
 The reason that the trees is popular in most cases for Japanese New Year celeblation is ...

 This is concerned with fortune.
'Man' of Man-ryou' means the unit of 'ten thousand', and 'ryou' is an OLD currency unit at Edo era (from 1603AD to 1867AD). Have you ever heard 1,000 ryou box at samrai dramas or films?
There're many Senryou trees (Sarcandra glabra) in our garden, too.
 The senryou is the tree that were on my 2010's - with the pine. BUT these are truly superstitious. Because I'm not rich!!! Despite we have many manryou and senryou trees... Haha.

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Beautiful digital work, Tomo! I love that you used images of your garden. Sending you wishes for a year filled with blessings in 2012.

  2. Gorgeous New Year Greeting photo card, Tomo! I love love Japanese gardens! The last time I saw the Japanese Garden was in Huntington park in LA in the late 80s! Your plants and rock brought back the fond memories!! Wish you a HAPPY 2012! HUGS!

  3. WOW, Tomo! What an amazing digital collage you have created! It is so special to understand the meaning as well! Happy New Year!

  4. maoです。


    Tomoさん、復帰されたんですね。 良かったー♪
    チクチクも始動ですか? チェック入れましたよ。

  5. Thanks so much ladies for your New Year's greetings to me! I totally forgot to write my comment here.



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