January 11, 2010

Happy New Year! 謹 賀 新 年


既に反省点が出てきていて、それは、仕事以外のことも前倒しで・・なのですが、追いかけている状態から、待ち受ける状態まで改善する為には、相当のパワーが必要! あ~、おそらく難しい・・と新年早々思ったのでありました。


Happy New Year! - Oh my, I'm really slow. :(
Thank you so much everyone for your New Year's greetings to me! :)

How are you doing?
It has been cold days here since the end of last month. Sometimes, the wind howls through the residences or buildings outside and we have a little snow. - we had only a day covered with snow on Jan. 1st. It's true that the cold here is very intense, but it bears no comparison with that in north regions of the North America,  European countries or other regions stand in high latitude though. But I've been catching a bad cold.

  The guests intermittently visited our house from New Year's day to yesterday. - Visitings of New Year is different from the party, there's no staring time. The guests come when they want to do. I don't like this New Year customary practice in Japan. Really happy to see the visitors, but the dishwashing machine keeps working. :(
 I forgot to take pic of the Japanese flower arrangements that I made for New Year. So I took pic of the pine and the senryou (Chloranthus) in our garden this afternoon. This is natural 'the New Year's pine decoration'! The birds brought the seeds of the Chloranthus beside the pine tree. And I made the digital data above to use the photo. Unfortunately, it has been slightly raining since this morning.

May your days in 2010 be filled with happiness!
Love, Tomo


  1. Happy New Year, Tomo! This is a lovely picture, and how fun that the birds helped to create it, bringing the seeds into your garden! Sometimes these unplanned plants can be better than the ones we plan!

  2. Happy New Year, Tomo! So good to hear from you!It's cold here ,too!....I'm sending warm hugs!

  3. Hi, Lin! New Year's greetings to you, too!
    > Sometimes these unplanned plants can be better than the ones we plan!
    I think so, too. It's pleasure to find them. :)

    Hi, Virginia! Happy New Year~!
    I cannot catch up with all the actions which I used to do in the past. *sigh*
    But I'm going to do it this year as possible. Thank you! :)

    Thanks so very much Lin and Virginia for your visiting and your lovely comments!
    Love, Tomo

  4. A very Happy New Year to you Tomo!


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