March 15, 2011

About the huge earthquakes occurred in turn at the east parts of Japan island

Hi, everyone,
Hope you've been having wonderful days!

  My family members, relatives and I are in safe by the huge earthquakes occurred in turn at the east parts of Japan island since March 11.
We, family and relatives live our capital city Tokyo and southward. But I have a few friends in the tricken areas, and I've been looking for and praying for them since then.

  Thank you very much for so many delegations (experts) or goods for relief over the world. As one of the Japanese, I want to express my appreciation to each
governments and each peoples. And I happened to know that some of the words include Japanese language in foreign newspapers to cheer us up.
(And I also found the articles about apprehension of delaying the economic recovery of Japan. But it deserved, I think. Because, I thought about it first, while watching scary live films on TV and worrying about the sufferers or victims at the same time.)

  And ... The big apprehension of nuclear power plants. The experts has been working at the risk of their own lives. But since the first earthquake hit, it has occurred intermittently. And this condition is the first experience for all the people...sigh...
Please pray for them, the sufferers and families of the victims.
And I pray for foreign peoples and dogs belong to the delegations for relief.

 I wanted to post this post sooner. I'm afraid I couldn't, because I've been sick since middle of this January by the mental and physical stresses.

  Talking about my father, he took in the hospital from last November to the end of this February - another disease was found in his brain last September.
And from March 1, he began to live at an private residential home. He sometimes hallucinate by drug adverse reaction. If he quit the medicines, he come to be a bedridden old man by the fulminant charley horse and paralyses all over his body.
He isn't a dementia patient at the moment. So he always has been having a hard time (He can walk himself, but needs assistance).

And one more ...
Thank you so much my friends for your gifts or cards after last November. I worked till the beginning of this January. And many days were out (for my biz, or going to my dad's hospital), so, I ordered our postal office that all the parcels and envelopes to me to keep there. I received all about a week ago. But I couldn't open all yet. There're 250 or more. Thank you!!
I'm not perfect recovery yet, and the sleepiness by the medicines forces me to go to bed every after taking the medicine.
I'm going to send e-mails to parcels or cards senders gradually. Please give me some time.
I have to open my father's before (those are over 310). 'cos, the time he has is shorter than mine, without a doubt, I think.

I always appreciate all of you!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. So relieved to know you and your family are safe, Tomo. Many prayers go out to all involved in this terrible tragedy.

  2. Dear Tomo, As you know you and your country have been in our thoughts and prayers! I'm so glad that you have this blog post and will share this in our HA flickr group as everyone was so worried about the state of you and situations in Japan. I had made a card for you and will pop it in the mail today. I pray that things get better (it CAN'T get any worse!!). Sending healing hugs to you and I hope you and your father's condition improve! xoxo

  3. Call upon the Name of the Lord Tomo - you can't do this on your own! God is just a prayer away.. ask Him to reveal Himself in Jesus Christ, to help you carry all these burdens!! Do you have a Bible? In there you can read who God is and how He provided a way of redemption for mankind - how He wants to be your Shelter in the Storm!!
    I will be praying for you.

  4. It is so good to hear from you, Tomo! All of us in the Hero Arts Flickr group have been very worried. If it's possible for you to look, here is the link to the discussion thread: So glad to hear you and your family are safe. My prayers for you and your country will continue and I will add your father to them now. Take care. . .sending love and hugs!

  5. Tomo it's good to hear from you! I am happy to hear that you are safe after the earthquakes! I am sorry you haven't been feeling well and your father is sick. :> Sending you well wishes..

  6. Hi Tomo,

    I'm so glad that you are at the safe side of Japan and my prayers go to those who are less fortune. Crafters at Hero Arts have been worried about you! I'm so sorry to hear about your health and pray that it will improve everyday. Pray that your father will recover too! Take care, Tomo!

  7. Hi Tomo, I'm so glad to see you are safe from all the terrible things going on in Japan, and that you recover soon from your sickness. Sorry to hear about you father. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you!

  8. Dear Tomo,
    I wish you the strength to get better and hope that you find your friends safe and well.Your country is in our thoughts daily, it is such a tragedy. Keep well.

  9. Tomo, I am SO GLAD to see you posting, and to hear that you and your family are have been in our thoughts and prayers at flickr! So sorry to hear about your Father's illness and your not feeling well; will keep you in my prayers. Sending hugs!

  10. Hi Tomo, so glad to hear you and your family are safe. Sad to hear about your illness and of your father. Hope you'll soon be better. And I'll pray for all who has suffered by this earthquake.

  11. Tomo, so happy to hear that you are
    safe. I am sorry that these have
    been tough times for you personally
    and now for your country. I am thinking of you and so are many on the Hero Arts Flickr group!

  12. So relieved to hear you and your family escaped harm in the horrible earthquake, Tomo! Thinking of you and your country - hoping for a speedy recovery from this calamity!

  13. Tomo,
    So glad you are well, and sorry for what you are going through, it is tough. I took care of my dad with cancer for almost a year and it is rough. Hang in there , we are all thinking of you in the flickr group!! Stay well as you can, and again glad you and your family were not directly affected by the quake!!
    Will say prayers for you all.
    Donna (Irishmist)

  14. Tomo, so glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe. Sorry to hear you have been of kilter :o( Hang in there I am sure with rest and time, you will soon be on your feet again.
    Blessings for you, your father and your countrymen

    Janet x

  15. we are so relieved to hear you and your family are fine. I wish and pray for a relief of all the suffering the people in your country have indured. You are a strong country and with God's help you will be blessed with many people who will help.
    I am so sorry to hear of your father's illness. It is so hard when your love ones are going thru painful health issues. I truly sympathesize with you when I read how stressful it is for you. May you soon find peace and have your stress eased. Take care, Tomo

  16. Hi Tomo, I'm so glad to hear that you and your family have weathered the recent have been in my prayers! So sorry about your health problems and those of your dad. I just want to send you some love and encouragement and let you know I care.
    bless you~

  17. お父様の事大変心配だね、tomoさん自身もお大事にね。

  18. Tomo... so glad to hear that you and the family are safe.... I have been praying this was so.... I am also sorry to hear you have been so unwell... my prayers will go for your speedy recovery too... Your friend.

  19. Tomo I am so glad that you are ok. Along with all your other friends at the Hero Arts flickr group I have been thinking of you & your family. I want to wish you all the best. Sending lots of hugs xoxoxoxo

  20. Oh Tomo, so glad to read that you and your family are safe. Will pray from your friends living in the stricken areas.

    Hugs to you - it sounds like you and your Dad have been having a tough time of it. Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you - Stay Safe.

  21. Glad to hear that you and your family are safe, hope you hear from your friends soon. Your country and its people are in our thoughts daily.

  22. I am so relieved you and your family are all safe - and I am thinking of you and Japan every minute of the day. I know in my school here in England we are holding a fundraising day to help our partner school over there in Japan, and I hope that England can in some way help your country to recover. I have been so sad seeing all the terrible pictures, and am praying for everyone.

    And I hope that you get well soon. I am sorry you have not been well, and I am sorry for your father too.
    Please accept my best wishes and love,
    Lucy x

  23. I'm so happy t hear that you are all okay, but it sounds like you've been battling a serious illness since last fall. I didn't know about this, but I'm praying for you to recover completely and soon!

  24. Peace be with all of you Tomo... So very good to know you are well and I wish both you and your Father well wishes...

  25. Hello, Tomo! We are so glad that you are safe after the horrible earthquake and tsunami. I am sorry to hear your father isn't doing well, but it sounds like he is having good care. Take care of yourself, too!

    I am praying for all of you--especially the brave men trying to prevent a major nuclear disaster.

  26. Hello, my friends!
    Thanks so much for all the concern, and all your words encourage us, Japanese.
    I want to tell these to the sufferers, too, which you wrote here for taking the time. But the essential utilities aren't restored yet in almost all areas of Touhoku region.

    Once again, thank you so much, my friends!!!
    And I'm sorry that the publishing all your appreciated comments was delayed. Yesterday and this morning, there were Dad's falling accidents. (Fortunately, it wasn't big deal.)
    And I was busy double-checking and adding our emergency supplies, because I reminded of the earthquake (Magnitude 7.1) hit our city 6 years ago. There was a small one last month here, so I came to be a bit nervous. But don't worry about me! Prepairing was finished! Maybe, completely. :)

    Hugs to you all, too.

  27. To Jacqueline: Thanks for your comment! Yes, I have two bibles written in Japanese and English - I'm a graduate of a Catholic high school. I read it almost once in a day. Thank you.

    To Barb: Thanks for the URL! The second application to search me? (Oh yes, I know "It's no joke.")
    I'm exhausted today. I'll visit there tomorrow.

    To Virginia: You also sent me about the Flickr discussion thread by G-mail. Just found it! Thank you!!
    I'm really glad if you give me a time to reply.

    *I'm now very very sleepy, I doubt myself whether I can write English or not. But I post this comment. Sorry, my brain is run out of gas.

    Thank you so much, all the lovely ladies!
    G' night!

  28. なおこさん、お久しぶり!
    明日、そちらへもうかがうね。 昨日と本日、大事はなかったけれども、父の転倒があって、バタバタして、疲労がひどいから許してね。
    (おまけに、猫が1匹帰って来てないの。 近場は探し回ったけれど、いない・・)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. To Lucy: Thanks for your comment and your support activity for your partner school. It comes to be a big help for them, I believe. :) Thank you!

    To Donna: I'm also praying the brave men, I did so especially today. Their dangerous mission under unfavorable conditions didn't get effective results. But I continue to pray for them. - I'm not fond of criticize them despite I'm in safe place.

    Thanks so much, Lucy and Donna!
    Have a wonderful day!

    * I deleted my comment above by my simple typographical error.

  31. Tomo, I am so relieved that you and your family are safe following the terrible earthquake and tsunami. I will continue to pray for all of the people affected by these terrible events.
    And I will also pray for you, your father and your family as you deal with health issues.

  32. I'm so glad to hear you are safe my friend! My heart does go out to your friends and family who are affected and I wish you well in the coming days ahead! So sorry to hear you have been ill as well! Thinking of you lots Tomo!

  33. Thanks for the updates, Tomo! I am praying very hard for those poor workers in the nuclear power plants! God bless them and people in Japan. I'm thinking of you! Pray that there will be NO more earthquakes!! Please take good care of yourself and your father.

  34. Hi Tomo, I just read your blog post. Thank you so much for posting. I am glad you and your loved ones are safe - you have been in my thoughts these last few days.

    I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well and that your father is also suffering. Please know you, your family, and your country are in my prayers for healing blessings and much gentler times ahead.

    Sally (dogwoodmnr)

  35. tomoちゃん、地震の時にはご心配くださって本当にどうもありがとう。うかがうのが遅くなってごめんなさい。


  36. Dear Tomo, I have missed you and often wonder how you are...please stay in touch with us here in the blog. I hope things are looking up for you and your father on your end. Sending you BIG hugs!

  37. Thank you so very much for all of your comments! And I'm really sorry that the publishing all your appreciated comments was delayed. I've been sick and my eyes haven't been in good condition.So I didn't accessed here. So sorry!

    nonちゃん 来てくれていたのね~。 コメントを、どうもありがとう! 近いうちに立ち寄りますね。*^^*

  38. Virginia, Thank you so much for stopping by! And thanks for your gentle comment! I'm sorry, but I couldn't access here by my some diseases. I'm going to post the new one later.
    Hugs to you, too! :)


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