February 15, 2009

Very sad day...

I lost my precious cat, Cleopatra (we called her 'Leo'.) by a car accident yesterday evening. I cannot stop to shed my tears now.
But I needed something for her, so I wrote my words on my favorites among her photographs by using Photoshop.
She was very pretty 11 months girl and a big fan of my dishes. She always sat down quietly behind me while I was cooking. And so sensitive girl. But she loved to play outside with her brother. I was to blame to let them play outside, I think.
She loved the place near the fence to bask in the sun. We miss you, Leo. So thankful you were in my life...


  1. Oh, Tomo....this is such a beautiful tribute to Leo. I can tell you loved her very much and she was lucky that she was a part of your family.

  2. Donna, thanks for your comment on this.
    Did you look for this post (about Leo), right?
    I appreciate your kindness. You are definitely very gentle lady.
    I come to get better than before. I hope you get better sooner, too. Thanks, Donna!

  3. お、レオちゃん。本当にこの子、可愛いかった(美しかった)のにね。残念だったよね、先輩。
    ふろむ noriでした。

  4. noriちゃん、コメントありがとう♪


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