October 20, 2009

Tule lace doiry (2) - チュールレース ドイリー


 んん~? 終わりは近いようで遠い!かな? 昨夜は少し飛ばして、只今第3コーナーの中間といった所です。第3コーナーを全部完了させれば良かったのですが、眠たくって眠たくって・・。「途中で止めたら大変な事になる!」の思いが半分、しかし、睡魔の方が勝ってしまい、ZZZ・・・。 それで、この写真は、第2コーナーを回ったあたりです。 ^^;
Kちゃんから頂いたHorseshoe(緑色の馬蹄形のもの)、とても重宝しています♪ Kちゃん、ありがとう!!!

Hi, there!
 I've been spending busy time every day since October began. I can hardly make time for paper crafting. Because I have many biz-trips to move using public transportation - mainly airplanes and trains. Escaping the messy inks etc. is necessary.  So I enjoy needleworks or knitting while moving. And after coming home, I continue to knit the bobbin lace doiry. But even if I make time for it, it's only about 10 - 15 minutes per day. *sigh* :(
In these days, I long for the days I can do paper crafting...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. もう3つめコーナーまで進んでいるのですか? 相変わらず、仕事も趣味も、あれこれとお忙しいみたいですね。睡眠とらなくてはだめですよー*^_^*

  2. noriちゃん、先日はお疲れ様でした! とりあえず睡眠時間は確保するように努めていまーす。
    秋の夜長&芸術の秋~!は何処へ行ったのでしょうねぇ?(笑) 再び仕事を一緒に出来る機会を楽しみにしています*^^*

  3. すごく進みましたね。ほんとうにもう少し。がんばってくださいね。

  4. It is frustrating when you can't fit in some crafting time....I too am not able to make cards for we are renovating our basement where my desk and supplies are!

  5. your bobbin lace doily looks amazing Tomo! wow! love the intricate design! so beautiful!

  6. This is gorgeous! So glad you have time to do this in transit! Hope you get papercraft soon!

  7. This lace is amazing! I can`t even imagine how that works! I hope you`ll find time to do some papercrafting soon!


  8. カエルちゃん、アドヴァイス、どうもありがとう♪ このレースのコーナー、本当に解り難いよねェ・・。 本を回転させながら見て、編んでいまーす(笑)
    しかし、ボビンレースって本当に奥深いというか・・。棒針・鈎針と違って、糸元がたくさんだから解り難いのか? でも、はまると、はまってしまうよね! 完成目指して頑張ります♪

    なおこさん、覗いてくれたの? どうもありがとう!
    > もう少しだねー(*^^*)

  9. Hi, Jane! Thanks for your visiting!
    You are now getting ready for your craft room in your basement!? Wow, I'm jealous! Hope you enjoy your creations in your new room ASAP! :)

  10. Hi, Alice, Suzz and Vanessa! Thanks for your peeking! and thank you so much for leaving me your lovely words! :)

  11. Your doiry looks so intricate and delicate...I wonder if you are going to use it for your cards... Wouldn't that look AMAZING!? Hope you get some time to do paper carft soon. Sounds likeyou are having a withdrawl (LOL).I had a FABULOUS weekend with my hostess sistas (we like to call each other that). Come check out the pics in my blog, if you haven't...miss you at the HA blog!

  12. Wow! Good idea to use bobbin laces for the card! Actually I used torchon for the cards before - I sent them to Flickr, maybe. But this kind of tule laces is so delicate and inadequate for tieing or knots - very weak for them. So it isn't suitable for the cards.
    Thanks for peeking, Virginia! I just visited your blog! :) Thank you for sharing!
    Sorry I'm in a tight schedules every day. :( I'm going to visit HA community when the time allows.
    Thank you.

  13. Oh, I forgot to write about this!
    > Sounds likeyou are having a withdrawl (LOL)
    Haha! Virginia, I have no withdrawal! This is true. - I have a little time to sleep. I'll e-mail you (I'd like to tell you the details) in this weekend.
    Thanks for your visiting!
    Hugs, Tomo

  14. this lace is AMAZING! one day I want to learn ... but in Florida there is no one to teach me. And your cards are fabulous too - so talented! Warm wishes!


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