October 3, 2009

a CUTE card from Cassi (1st 'Card Chain Challenge')

Hello, there!
Today, I want to share you this CUTE Halloween card, I received on Sep. 30th from Cassi.
She's one of the participants of the 1st 'Card Chain Challenge' hosted by Deborah, Society of Stamp & Scrap-aholics.
The entry for this challenge was accepted from Sep. 11th to Sep. 14th, 2009. (You can see the details from here. ) I entried a few hours before the deadline.

So, this cute card was sent me from Cassi with her lovely message. I love this card a lot! :) Thank you so very much Cassi for your too cute card!
And thank you dearest Deborah for the oppotunity to join this challenge! :)

Cassi's gallery at Two Peas is here , and the card I created for the 1st CCC can be seen from here.

今日は、9/30に Cassi さんから送られてきた可愛いハロウィーン・カードをご紹介します♪。 彼女はこのカードに優しいメッセージを添えて、送ってきてくださり、それを見ていると、何だか急にアメリカに飛びたくなった1日でした。 日本はハロウィーン・グッズが出回るものの、特にこのイベントは無いですからねぇ・・・。 Trick or treatでお菓子を貰いにアチコチを訪問したい~!(笑)

Thanks for looking! :) 
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a cute card you got. This was such a neat idea of Deborah's. I entered as well and am eagerly awaiting mine from Pia. I hope Deborah shows them all together as there are some neat cards. Take care

  2. oh what a fun and wonderful piece!!! lovely work

  3. Belated Happy World Card Making Day Tomo! Hope you had a great day. Cassi's card is adorable! I'm delighted to be taking part in Deborah's CCC too.


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