August 12, 2010

One more card to use Silly Scape, and funny story about my disaster 'distressing?'

Hi, everyone!
 The typhoon was over, though the strong wind sometimes howled while yesterday night. There was no disaster around me, thank you. But it takes a long time to change an extratropical cyclone, and it will hit the Touhoku region, the northern area of Japan again soon. I have some friends met on the internet and had the actual meetings around there. Hope they are in safe!

 Well, today, I posted another card to use the silly scape stamp here again. ;) The fact that I was going to share you with my last card. But I couldn't, since the two kitties (they are originally outside kitties, first three months of life.) broke it into fragments, while quite short time I was away from my desk. It was perfectly finished!
 I had no disaster by the typhoon hit, but I had another disaster before the typhoon was coming! LOL?
I was astounded and very shocked when I found the scene, but I switched my mode soon and looked at their playing with their temporary toy, because they were so adorable! and I found no way to 'rescue' my card... they SCRATCHed it and BIT it A LOT already. They brought my card the fantastic effect of distressing? Oh, no!
 So, I redid it - made new one - yesterday midnight to join the Hero Arts August challenge Round 1.

Here is the card, 'a little greeting to say HELLO'.
 I was going to make 'back to school card' with a school bus and crayons (or pencils - the pencil shaped buildings exsist already in this scape) by the partial use of this stamp. But there's no recievers among my family, relatives and friends. So I finished this card to left my first idea behind.
 I so love the font shape of this sentiment stamp. So I chose it for this card.
And, this time, I didn't color on the stamp image of the silly scape at all, just only stamped with black oil based ink. Added some stitching (both by hand and by machine) and the raised small colorful parts on the white cardstock for its accents.
These embelishments looks like epoxy stickers made by myself to heat-embossed. The heart and the balloon shape were die-cutted to use Quickutz cookie cutter dies.

And this is a partial closeup.

 Click the photos above to see larger and more clear photos!

 The heart shaped embelishment was made by heat-embossed with UTEE clear by Ranger a few times, and then I buried the HA heart shape accent pearl a little before it dried. And I heated it again slightly. No crackles were appeared on the pearl's surface. I was surprised at the result and I recognized again the high quality of the Hero Arts products!

Stamp used:
Hero Arts: Silly Scape / K5425, Holly Bird / A5078, Poly Clear Say Hello / CL378
Other supplies:
Bazzill CS, Kuretake CS, Basic Grey PP
Tsukineko Versa Fine / Onyx Black, Memento / Tuxedo Black
Ranger UTEE embossing powder / Clear
Color pencils, Copic markers, HA Accent pearl Heart, thread, Quickutz cookie cutter dies

And, here is the photo of the kitties broke my card. I took this pic this morning when they were outside.
I thought they were gangs just only in our garden, but I noticed this time that they already came to be the gangs in my room... sigh. They dash into the house when I open the doors or the windows every time.
And they have a brother/sister. The kitty is yet fear to come into indoor. I hope him/her to keep its style! Three invaders? I prefer two than three!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a beautiful week!


  1. Tomo - your little story made me laugh... what naughty kitties to come in and steal your card. I like the replacement. Very clever and cute. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am getting very much better now.

  2. Great story, Tomo - you are a sweetie to not be mad at your kitties, but like you said, they were just playing. Your card is AMAZING!! LOVE it to pieces! (ha ha)

  3. You're doing wonderfully with this cityscape image - so cute and very clever, fun and colorful!

  4. Hi, Dawn and Lin! Thanks so much for your so kind comments for my funny story (Thanks for reading!) and the card!
    Fortunately I had a full-scale sketch of this card, so I was easy to make the same design again! If I didn't have it, I came to be mad at the cat? *giggle*

    Hi, Tif! Thank you so much for your visiting and your generous comment! :)

  5. Oh Tomo I love all your cards with this silly scape! It's fun to see all the different types of cards you make! Wow is the sun with it's rays holding the balloons ever creative! What adorable kitties you have, sorry to hear that they ripped up a card! I can understand as a mother how you would have felt!

  6. love love love your card, Tomo!! so cute and delightful! love the stitched sum and those balloons are so sweet! i love everything about this card, it makes me happy! =) thanks for the inspiration! awww.... those kitties are so adorable!! are you going to keep them? =)

  7. Hi, Anita, and Alice!
    Thank you so much leaving me your so kind and generous comments! I so appreciate you! Your comments made me smile.

    To Anita, the kitties are very noisy, but actually I was shocked at the 'moment' when I found the scene.
    I looked at it and maybe played with them (Haha) while I said to them, "Do you think what should I do?" or "Do you have some of good idea to repair it?"
    Thank you! :)

    To Alice,
    > you going to keep them? =)
    Hehe, very talented and so naughty Alice is here! ;)
    I keep them or not is up to their choice! Don't you think they look like your Jamie a little. Should I pack them and ship the parcel to you??
    Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

    Love, Tomo

  8. You really know how to dress up that silly scape stamp!! This has to be my favourite:-) Love the sun and the balloons!!

  9. Wow, Tomo this is absolutely fabulous! I loved it!

  10. Wonderful cards (as allways) since my last visit to your blog Tomo. I haven´t been in the mood for card making since I came back from holiday hope it will come back to me ;0) It has been hard starting job after 4 weeks break and when I come home I just enjoy the sun and visit my friends. So for now I just enjoy my blogfriends creations!
    Big hug Sanne

  11. WOW, ADORABLE cards. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi!
    Thanks so much for leaving me all of your lovely comments here! :)

    To Sanne:
    I just visited your blog for peeking whether you came to be in the mood for card making already or not. Probably, you're now making them. Right? ;)
    Thanks for telling me for your update! :)

    Hugs to you all. Tomo

  13. Congrats on your win, Tomo! Happy shopping!

  14. Hi, Tomo! Beautiful card! I adore the way you made it into a sunrise, with the gorgeous stitching! And the bird is so cute! Our kitties love paper too! They have to be closely supervised in the crafty room! Sorry your cuties destroyed a card!

  15. Your card is so adorable. Congratulations on winning the challenge - It is a total winner:)

  16. Tomoさん、maoです。
    受賞、おめでとうございます!!! 昨日Heroさんのblogに載っていたので、うわぁー!と家族で大騒ぎ!でした。(我家の家族がとったわけでもないのにですね。)

  17. Oh, Tomo! I just came over now to congratulate you on your HA win and read about the two kitties and your "disaster"! They must have REALLY loved the card, huh? So happy for your win! Have fun shopping!


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