August 6, 2010

A night owl (me?) in the silly scape

Hi, everyone!
 I was a bit busy yesterday, but finished a card to join the 'Keeping in touch theme' of the Hero Arts August challenge Round 1, to use my favorite brand new Silly Scape stamp. It was delivered the day before yesterday. I wanted to make a little whimsical card to use it.

 Here is the result, 'A night owl in the silly scape'.
 I so love the silly scape stamp. This reminds me of my birth place, New York city, USA. And also love the tiny owl. This guy is my most favorite at this moment -actually since I saw him on the catalogue- among HA cute owls that I have. :) And I'm really a night owl. Ha!

 I colored the HA notecard with several copic markers for the background, and added the machine stitching a little. And put star shaped gems.
 Moved the second triangular roof partially in the back row from the left to the top of the third building to perch the owl on it. The buildings at the bottom right is 3-dimensional. And actual color of the circle around the sentiment is silver color. A red bow was too big???
 I'm now having a few ideas to use this stamp. I hope finishing them in the near future.

This is a partial closeup.

Stamp used:
Hero Arts Silly Scape / K5425, Poly Clear Say Hello / CL378
Other supplies:
Bazzill CS, Hero Arts notecard
Tsukineko Versa Fine / Onyx Black, Memento / Tuxedo Black, Brilliance / silver
HA star gemstones, eyelets, ribbon, Copic markers

 I inform all the lovely peoples of my father's update. He is going to leave hospital today's afternoon. I'm a bit worrying about taking care of him in this severe weather. - It continues over 35C for about 10 days. By the weather forecast, the burning hot days, the temperature around 35C will continue to 2 more weeks. *sigh*
 And it's no doubt it makes me to take more time to him. And I have to prepare for my work little by little. But I hope him to spend comfortable days at home! - with our cat, Gray, too! Her condition comes to be pretty good - eats enough, sometimes plays, and ocasionally assumes a threat posture to the outside noisy three kitties - they were born in our garden on Mother's day in this May. And their mom is yet with them.
 Thank you so very much for all your so kind words to me to cheer me up! I so appreciate all of you!

Thanks for stopping by! :)
Have a beautiful week and weekend!
Hugs to you all, Tomo


  1. Aw... Tomo, you are not the only night owl (I sayed up till 3am last night...for what? I don't know...too much card-making!!). You always come up with such unique and brillaint design!! Love this SO much! PS: glad that your father is leaving the hospital!! Must be big relief for you :)

  2. Hi Tomo chan! Always great to see your cards--makes me so happy! Love your Silly Scapes card! I didn't know you were born in NY and that you were a night owl, too! Hope to see more cards with this stamp.

    Glad to hear your father will be home. I'll bet he's glad, too. Take good care of yourself and your dad!

  3. Hi Tomo, I'm so glad to see you participating in the Hero challenges again! I LOVE this card - your little owl sitting on the buildings is darling, and no, I don't think that red bow is too much. It adds a nice punch of color.
    Glad to hear that you father is doing better. Hopefully after he gets out of the hospital he'll be even better. Sending him good wishes.

  4. love love love this, Tomo!! i adore silly scape and LOVE how you used in!! that owl is too cute and i love all the dimensions, too!! fabulous card!! happy to hear that your father is coming home. hope all goes well and the weather cools down soon. take care and stay cool! =)

  5. Tomo - I adore you little night owl...a perfect little scene,
    I am glad your father is coming home...hopefully the weather will cool a bit. Take care of yourself as well my dear

  6. What a sweet card, Tomo!! Love it so much! I am glad your Dad and your cat are both recovering! Hopefully the weather will cool down!

  7. Tomoさん、maoです。暑中お見舞い申し上げます。
    今日本に帰って来ているんですよー ^_^

    最近のカードも素敵ですネ♪ テディベアも可愛いし。 母が完成済のベアが載っていないといっていますよ 笑 (お忙しくていらっしゃるのですよね? 暇人の母と一緒にしないで欲しいですよね?)
    お父様、無事にご帰宅なさって、本当に良かったです。 でも、tomoさんは益々忙しくなる? もう、そうなってる?

  8. This is terrific Tomo!!So love how fun and creative this is, love the little owl perched on the side of your card too!

  9. Hey, Tomo! Did he come back?
    I'll go to FUK nest Tuesday and visit your house. I call you on Saturday! <3

  10. Hi, friends!,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments! My fater already came home and came back to be the leading role of a TV watchman ALREADY... ;)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. Wow! I mistook to type.
    fater = father

    Thank you.

  12. Maoちゃん、暑中お見舞い申し上げます。
    わざわざコメントを、どうも有難う! わぁ、カードを送ってくれたの? 今日か月曜日には到着するよね? 楽しみにしています。>絶対に!! - 了解しました。
     3匹のベアは、撮影が未だなのです 苦笑。
    もしこちらにいらっしゃる場合には、是非にね♪ 一緒に演奏でもする? 笑

  13. Hi, Kan! You are too funny~~! You didn't know how to type in Japanese, or already forgot!?!? ;)
    Well, I write my RES in English! Yes, he was back yesterday. I just called you, but you were absent. I'm going to call you back. Or please call to my cell-phone, 'cos I go out from now on.
    Thanks. Tomo

  14. Hi Tomo, I have been on vacation for two weeks and only getting around to catch up now. Adore all the cards you have been creating. This "scape" card is sensational - just love it.

    Thanks for leaving lovely comments on my blog. Hope you Dad is doing better and glad to be out of hospital.

    Hope it cools down ... sending hugs.

  15. Oh wow, love the composition and the design, so unique!! Love the fact that you used an owl to say hello.. (Since its a night scene) so creative..

  16. Hi, Deirdre! Thanks always!
    (I totaly forgot to write here.)
    I visited your blog after reading your comment, and I enjoyed seeing your beautiful works a lot! :)

    Hi, Michelle!
    Thanks so much for your visiting and your generous comment! I'm now also following you! :)


  17. Hi, Tomo! SUPER card! Love the colors you picked and how you made it into a night scene. I especially love the gorgeous red ribbon and how you cut out some of the buildings and put them in front for dimension. Stunning! :-)

  18. I love your work! Congratulations on being picked a winner on Hero Arts! Thanks for sharing! What clever ideas for this sillyscape stamp!


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