June 20, 2010

It's been a while, everyone!

How have you been? The start of the rainy season was announced in Japan except the northern Hokkaido island a few days ago.
But today was a sunny day here in Kyushu region. So I took this photo this afternoon in our Japanese style garden. The flower of Ericaceae are coming into bloom and the blooming lily of the valley will be over soon.

Finally, tonight, I could be back to update this blog. :)
Over four and a half months were already passed since I published the last one. I've been very busy from this February to the middle of this month for taking care of my parent and our aged cat, house keeping and my work.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all your lovely comments here, by 'e', 'Flickr' and 'snail' mails for my family members and me.
And I'm VERY SORRY and BIG THANK YOU to the 5 persons left your messages here. I'm really happy if you are able to allow my rude manner.
 Tejal on Feb. 23
 Deirdre on Feb. 24
 Anne Gaal on Mar. 5
 DominoDebi (Deborah) on Mar. 19
 Fika on May 23
*I published all your gentle comments this evening in JST that the system held to wait for my approvals. Actually I could read them this afternoon, and those touched me off to send my message on this blog. Thanks a lot! I want to say thank you to visit all your blogs in a few days.

 While this term, many things I had to do forced me to take less 3 hrs. for my sleep time every day. Fortunately I'm alive and I need 'wrinkle treatment'. Ha! But this is the truth, because there were days I came to weak a little in mental and physical condition. :'-(
So I couldn't make time for checking any other blogs of friends, paper-crafters, and needle workers - mine wasn't exceptional. (About a month ago, I just only visited 'my Flickr home' once - only about 5 min., I remember. I hoped to look around all your beautiful works for taking my time, when I accessed there. But I had to go back to work soon, since I received the important appointment suddenly.)

 My father's operation was successed on surgical and medical diagnosis, but he has been saying that he feels 'not good'. His subjective symptom worries me a lot. I sometimes can't find any words to cheer him up ...
(But today I was so happy! We could celebrate his Father's day!
There's no photo of today's family party, because I couldn't have got my family members' permissions for publishing it on the web. Sorry!)

 And our family cat, Gray came to be serious by senility a week before my father's operation in this February. But the miracle was occurerd before taking a sad decision 'euthanasia', because she began to suffer. (She suddenly began to eat, despite the fact that she didn't eat at all while 4 days and became very weak.)

 She came to be 15 years old on Mar. 30th. :)
The photo left is today's Gray. She looked she felt good all day long.
She is deaf by otitis externa was taken a month ago. It seems that she is in the condition to be easy to have bacterial infection. sigh)

 Speaking of my work, while I was in MIA here, I made 2 designs for the registered trademarks, worked for 2 films (the one was already finished and the other will be finished in this October or November.), and for several web sites that I've been managing.
I'm not a workaholic. But I love to create. So the next one is now under negotiation.
And now, I take a little break and enjoy looking at the live films of FIFA World Cup, South Africa every day. But I don't suffer from jet lag. Love to see wonderful games. ;)

I'm going to share you only one card in a few days which I made about a week ago. And I want to make some during my summer vacation.

Thank you for reading! :) And sorry for my poor sentences. Maybe there are many mistakes, because I rushed to type and I forget English in my MIA. :(

Have a beautiful weekend and the next week!


  1. So wonderful to hear from you Tomo! We look forward to seeing your card when you have the time again to post it. Sending good thoughts for your father......and hugs for you.

  2. Tomo chan! Okaeri!! Welcome back to blogland! I rushed over as soon as I saw your post in Google Reader! Will send you a regular email later, but for now, welcome back!!! HUGS!!!

  3. It's so ggod to hear again from you, Tomo.. Sending hugs to you, your father and the whole fam.

  4. Hi Tomo!! (waving here!!) =) so so happy to hear from you again! glad that you got some time to rest and relax a bit, too! so happy to hear that your father's surgery went well and Gray is doing good. looking forward to see your card! take care! =)

  5. Hi, Lin!, Hi, Donna!,
    Hi, Dwita!, Hi, Alice!,
    Thank you so very much for all your lovely and gentle words for cheering me up! :)


  6. Hi Tomo chan! I am so happy to hear from you today.. I myself have been busy and I know how stressful when you have to juggle with looking after your Dad (with his operation), your beloved aging Gray and your demanding work! I watched a Japanese movie on my flight from Taiwan back to Canada. It's called "About Her Brother". I so enjoyed it and realized how much I missed seeing anything Japanese! I miss my Dad as he ADORED anything Japanese! Anyhow I'm so happy to hear from you. Sending hugs! xoxo

  7. Hi,Virginia!,
    Thank you so much for your gentle word and for your reply to my e-mail. Just now, I replied again.
    Since visiting your blog, my heart really aches.
    Thinking of you, Virginia!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Hi, Tomo! Lovely photos. Gray is a gorgeous cat! Hope you get to enjoy her company as much as possible while she is still here among us.


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