November 20, 2008

A year has passed...

 A year has passed since my mother passed away.
This day, a year ago, there were so many yellow flowers here and there in the garden, just like to see my mother off. I love this flowers since my childfood, because they begin to bloom in the late autumn, the season there's a few kind of flowers.  We call this 'Tsuwabuki' in Japanese, the botanical name is 'farfugium japonicum', I hear.
While I reminded my mom, and I came to be a little sentimental, an ant appeared on the petal (the bigger flower on the right).

 And the bee was coming to another flower! I could capture them!
If possible, I want to meet you and see your smiling again, Mom.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Tomo! This post was so beautiful and touching!
    The yellow flowers are a beautiful reminder of your Mom's spirit...and I love your capture of the ant and honeybee! Just perfect....


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