October 28, 2008

Pretty kitties - girl and boy!!

We've been living with 13 years old cat as precious our family.
<<< Her name is Gray.
She is always a good girl. She lives only in our house since she became 8 years old. Until then, she loved to play outside in daytime. We enjoy playing with two kitties lately. Gray is so interested in these noisy kitties, cause she doesn't have cat friends. :)
They are newbies!
(from left: Cleopatra (Leo) is a girl, Millward (Milly) is a boy.) This photo was taken on Sep. 3 this year at our backyard. They were 6 months. Leo is so clever and sensitive, Milly is a shy boy. I don't know he is clever or not. He doesn't hear our story at all.
We, family are used to tell the pets just as they are human. Probably, it's so wonder for him. They are so PRETTY but TOO NOISY. And gangs in our garden now. Haha.

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