July 19, 2010

My summer vacation went somewhere? and my teddy Paul

Hi, there!,
 I was back blogging a little at the end of last month, and I've been enjoying my summer vacation for a while.
But, at the begining of this month, my father was taken into the hospital again, and he has been in there. (He was in serious by high blood pressure for a few days. Now he is so so.)
I almost go to meet him twice or three times a day since then. Can't believe it? A half that I go there is independently, but the other half is his request. Fortunately, it takes me 10 minutes to go there by car from my house.

 Till the end of the World Cup Soccer after he improved a little, I was 'a carrier of the recorded films' and 'a commentator' of the games. It was totaly disaster! Because, there're many good games which we could watch only on CATV, and the broadcasting by terrestrial was really minimum. The expensive televising right made it, I guess.
 And why did I have to be a commentator for my father??? - despite the proffesional commentator exsisted -, his both eyes have 40 percents of normal visual field by glaucoma. So I often stopped the film and explained it to him, and started it again. Repeated the same thing, the same thing, the same thing.... :(
It took him about three hour to finish watching a game. I was so tired when I finished it.
 I expected that this kind of my services would be over when the Japan national team lost the game. Because, one of the players among the eleven was his student when my father was an educator. (Happy to see my father's smiling face. He looked he was proud of his past student. I heard that he settled to join one of the soccer clubs in Euro countries.. - So sorry, I'd like to close his name and the club name to escape the crawler of the search engines and the noisy visitors.- )
But the watching the recorded films at his room of the hospital continued to the finals. I watched the live films at home with my guests (friends, clients, etc. almost every day) at midnight to the final game, and watched it again with my father at that afternoon, I was really tired.
 This was the first time to watch it with peoples come from several countries, Americans, English, Hollanders, and Koreans for example, brought by the minimum broadcasting by terrestrial. And also, THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME that I continued to watch the games of the Japan national team without changing the channel to the Wimbledon tennis tournaments. - The Blue Samurai was in good shape this time. They brought us the good effects as well as excitements, I think. The next afternoon they lost the game at the round of 16 soccer match, I went to play tennis with my friends. On my way to an indoor court, I could see many happy faces of youger peoples.They must have found something important which already forgot. -

 A bit to share my poor teddy bear named Paul. He was born 4 years ago, a few days before WC 2006 (WM 2006) held in Germany. Oh, yes, I'm one of the fans of German national team.

 Paul waited for the birth of his girl friend from last month to July 11th, the final day. But I was too busy, and I couldn't do it at all.
I sometimes have some sort of guilt feeling, when I see its photo of the pattern. The boy and the girl bears are on it.

*The teddy bear pattern is by Ele's Bläubaerchen, my favorite teddy bear artist. This is not a kit. The vintage mohair is by Helmbold, Germany.

 There are many peoples in Japan who like the German style soccer.
Though I've been a fan of Fußball-Bundesliga since I lived Frankfurt or Hamburg, we can watch it on CATV as the same as other football games in Europe.

Thanks for visiting!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Aw.. Tomo!! What a GREAT daugter you are! THAT was a lot of soccer watching and commenting you did-all for LOVE! Thanks for sharing the teddy bear Paul. What a cutie! I wish the German team could have made it into the finals...the final game for Holland and Spain was not as fun to watch, I think. And THAT was the only time I watched FIFA! Hope your Dad feels better soon! Sending hugs to you!

  2. Hi Tomo.... no wonder you have not been blogging... so busy with your Papa...I hope he continues to improve. You sound like you need even more summer holidays!!!
    I like your Paul. I have not made any teddies for a long time now... too busy making cards.
    take care and hope we see more from you soon

  3. Hi Tomo-chan! So you were a soccer announcer for your father? Oh, what a good daughter you are! I commend you for your patience!

    I'm hoping you can finish Paul's girlfriend soon so he won't look so sad! That is so cute!

    And please continue to take good care of your father. Sending you my best and prayers for his good health.

  4. you are such a sweet daughter, Tomo! the patience you have! glad to hear that your father is feeling better, too. hope you will find time to make Paul a girlfriend soon! he is a handsome boy and he deserves a cute girlfriend!! =) don't forget to show her to us when you have time to make it!! =) take care and hope to see your beautiful work soon!! =)


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